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Whither Halloween?

Awww, thanks for the welcome back, my sweets. I feel lurved, and I lurve you all back. And I hope I will find the fortitude to stick around for a while.

I have to say that Halloween was a disappointment. For the first time in many years, I bought candy to give out and turned on my porch light. Had one, count 'em ONE, trick-or-treater. What, have the "OMG! Someone Might Kidnap/Poison/Molest/Permanently Scar My Child!" Safety Police finally won? Or is it just parental apathy? It kinda sucks. Or maybe it's just where I live. Or maybe it's because it's been so cold at night here that the kids all said "Screw this!" and went to the mall instead.

Dammit, that means I have to eat all this candy. I've got good stuff, too! Reese's. Snickers. Milky Ways. Tootsie Rolls. I'm gonna overdose on chocolate. Urp.

*peeks in*

Um, hi?

Yes, I am apparently alive, amazingly enough. No, I'm not going to give y'all an update on where I've been for the last...um, year and a half? Jeez, time flies. Suffice it to say: mother died, had stuff to take care of in the aftermath, got out of the whole online groove thing, had a life, blah blah. I have been writing all along, though, which you know if you keep an eye on me over at the Pit. Am currently on a big, huge, non-stop, Knight Rider binge, God only knows why. The robots are Not Happy, but they will just have to deal because the World's Most Adorable Trans Am has apparently staked his claim, and his ego easily challenges even Starscream's, so there we are. :)

Anyway, thought I'd peek in, say hi, wish everyone a Happy Halloweenie. *passes out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups* Don't know how often I'll poke around in here; I'm still not totally one with the onlineness thang yet. But...I be here. And there was much rejoicing. Not. ;)

See y'all's! I'mma go make me some dinner nao...

'Sup, peeps?

So...Let's see what's up with me...

I haven't driven my car, except for one trip into Durango a couple of weeks ago, for...about a month now. Call me strange, but it's...liberating. I'm loving it. I'm trying to decide if I want to try to sell my car such that I can pay off the loan on it and have enough left over to buy something else outright...or to just keep it. It'll be paid off in about 18 months, so...I dunno.

Oh! As of this Friday, I'm joining the ranks of the unemployed. But this, at least for now, is kind of a good thing for me. My company is moving to Santa Fe, and I'm not moving with it because I can't. So, I will collect unemployment and try to wait for a job that I really want instead of taking just anything out of desperation, as I would have to do if I was supporting other people at the moment. I'm thinking maybe something NOT office work, which I've been doing since I moved out here 8 years ago and it's gotten a bit...monotonous. Something creative would be good. Something with little-to-no responsibility, just kicking back, would be nice. Hell, I'm even flirting with the idea of seeing what I'd have to do to get a Colorado teacher's license and maybe going back to teaching the redneck spawn around here. But I don't know.

In any case, with my reduced expenses, I can survive on what I will get through unemployment. I really don't need much now, quite honestly, particularly if I DO sell my car, especially if I don't replace it and go completely carless for a while; there's a bus that goes into town that I can use if I need it. And if it gets to the point that I have to take something, I will, but until then, I'm going to sit back for a bit and see what happens. Unless of course a job that I really want happens to come up right away. But I doubt that will happen, and there's no guarantee that I'd get it, anyway. But I haven't had a vacation in about three years, so it'll be nice not to work for a couple of weeks, at least. Maybe I can actually get stuff, you know, unpacked, do a bit of decorating, etc. ;)

This past weekend, I started a counted cross-stitch project, just a little kit I had lying around that I started and never finished. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed stitching. I stitched and watched Stargate SG-1 for...hours. (I needed a Richard Dean Anderson fix. *siiiiiiiigh* ) Didn't do ANY writing. *cringes* Sorry!

Annnnnnnd TMI!Collapse )

And that's about it with me. Exciting, I know. *rolls eyes*
'Cuz you deserve a "present," sweetie. :) *huggles* Sorry it's a bit late. My brain has been...full, lately. Anyway:

Hound and Mirage by ~NightyIcons on deviantART

Of course, other Hound/Mirage people can...uh, enjoy, too. ;) Or something.

And that's it for me today! Or at least for now. Stupid me just discovered that I didn't put the Lambo story on the flash drive before I left for work, so I can't post that up until I get home. I thought I copied it to there, but there's just an older version on it. Bummer. Sorry, dudes. :)

The Return of the Dinobots. Yippee.

Well, I still have it nagging in my mind to create a Dinobot journal. I'm trying to stem the tide by writing stuff, Dinobot stuff and cleaning up Lambo stuff. And, apparently, by making icons. So, have some:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Yes, yes, Dinobot ones. Just in case I decide to go ahead with this journal idea. Those two started as plain old screen captures, but I got a little...obsessive. So now I have to make the other three in the same "style," too. Or else Snarl won't like me anymore. The Brain Consensus is that Slag is scary when he's trying to laugh/smile, which is what he's trying to do in that icon, I think. Slag approves of being scary while happy. Or whatever. :)

And I'm feeling blasphemous, hence the Jesus one. CJ...just kind of happened. Have no idea why.

For those of you waiting for the rest of the aforementioned dark-ass Lambo story...I'm working on it, dangit! I have to get the huge-ass third part under control and turn it into two, perhaps even three, parts. I wrote it all in one crazy jag last year sometime, and it's pretty huge and needs better organization. I hope to have that done today, although I don't know if I'll have it done by 5 my time, when the library here closes, so that I can post it today. But the next part should be up tomorrow, at least, and the rest will follow shortly afterward.

My brain is apparently in creative mode at the moment. Y'all better "enjoy" it while it lasts. *rolls eyes*

Birthdays and what-not.

Firstly, hippo birdie to rusty_chevy! And, since I might not be on the Nets on Sunday, happy early birthday to hunterblues and tactile_contact!

...Geez. Too many June birthdays. ;)

Not much else to say. Back still hurts a bit from yesterday but is better than it was, so I guess I'm not going to wake up paralyzed or something. :) I'm takin' a half-day at work today because I need to trek into town to Do Some Stuff. So I'm outta here in...1.5 hours. Woo! :D

This weekend I plan to Write Stuff and dink around redesigning my website into something sleeker and CSS-driven and therefore easier to maintain. So that I might, you know, update the damn thing one of these centuries. Other than that, I plan to be lazy. Yay for lazy. :) Lazy rules.

ETA: I have this nagging, crazy idea to create an in-character journal for the Dinobots. I...have no idea why. I think they're insulted that I haven't played with them lately. And it's probably a bad idea because my interest will fade, and I won't update it and blah-blah. Still, the nagging idea is there. I even have an idea of what it will look like, although I've never created a custom LJ layout. Maybe if I can get the layout to work, that'll be a message from God to do it or something...


So, I have hurt myself. Oh, not deliberately. I’m not nearly emo enough to do that. ;) No, I just sort of took a spill today. I was getting off my bike when I arrived at work this morning. (My car has not moved in…*counts*…eight days now. He is depressed, I think, but I’m having way too much fun…) Anyway, I didn’t lift my leg high enough when I was getting off the bike, and one of the bars of its frame got caught between the bottom of my sandal and my foot, and I was overbalanced, couldn’t compensate, and…yeah, went right down squarely on my butt. Pain shot up my lower spine, such that I couldn’t move for a moment, and then it went away. And now it just kind of aches. I took some ibuprofen to take the edge off.

It’s a different kind of pain than the other times I’ve hurt my back, though, which is kind of interesting. (Yes, my body’s reactions to injury and pain interest me in a “Let’s experiment on myself!” sort of way. Weird, I know, but…there it is.) Before, it’s always been that sharp nerve kind of pain. This feels more like muscle pain. And it only hurts when I sit, not at all when I stand or walk, I guess because sitting down rather…uh, abruptly, is what made it hurt to begin with. :) Unfortunately, my work is such that I sit for most of the day. So…yeah. Hopefully it’ll go away, and I haven’t done any more permanent damage. Because I’m good at doing that to myself.

So that’s my exciting news for the day. Don’t all have heart attacks due to sympathetic adrenaline rushes now. ;)

Oh, and I did the meme that all the cool kids are doing. I think I did this before, long ago, because I sort of remember it, but I’m sure my results are different now…

Cut because I know you’re not all dying to know my level of LJ Purity or whatever it is…Collapse )

My boring day!

I literally can't remember the last time I rode a bike. It must've been before I got a car, and I got a car when I was just shy of my 15th birthday. And drove illegally, yes. Shut up. I learned to drive when I was 10, and at 15, I looked like I was 25, so no one looked at me twice. :) I used to go to bars when I was 16 and never got carded. Of course, then the legal drinking age was 18. And of course, in those days, people weren't nearly so obsessive about Evil Teenage Drinking, anyway. (And, surprisingly, it seemed that fewer teens were killed as a result of drinking. Funny, that...but that's a rant for another day. ;) ) But anyway, that would make the last time I rode a bike at least 30 years ago. And it did not come back too quickly or easily.

But at least I didn't fall/crash! I seem to have difficulty not swerving back and forth, though. It might be because I'm nervous and therefore tense. I am getting better at turning, but I still wouldn't want to ride anywhere where there's a lot of traffic. I'm sure I'll get better at it, though. It was only the second time I'd ridden it this morning, the only other time being a short spin up the road, just to make sure that I DID remember how to ride a bike. And it was easier this morning than it was yesterday evening, so...yeah.

It's good. Took me all of about 3 minutes to get to work. And it's a teeny bit of exercise, too, so I guess that's good. Just the little less-than-half-mile ride made my thighs burn. I am THAT out of shape. Yikes. Ongoing depression has made me a big-time slug and has certainly made me want to not leave the house except when I have to. I'm thinking about maybe possibly starting up a weight loss/exercise kind of thing. We'll see. One step at a time...

I need to get a lock for the bike, though. Hopefully the hardware store will have one.

The times, they are a-changin'...

So...Stuff is majorly a-changin'. But in good ways. I think...

Boring real life rambly kind of stuff behind here!Collapse )

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