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My boring day!

OK, so I am officially loving my not-invisible bike. We had a very productive day yesterday...

First, bike and I went to the thrift store, about a 1.5 mile ride away. We left at 9AM, before it got Too Damn Hot. (It's been in the mid-90s here the past few days, which is REALLY WEIRD for this time of year around here.) There, I spent a couple of hours shopping, most of it spent digging through a big box of miscellaneous silverware. BUT! I found four full 5-piece place settings of matching silverware by digging through that box. Nice, heavy, strong Oneida stuff in a pretty, girly floral pattern. I also got some old dishtowels to use as cleaning rags because the burners on the oven in my place need SERIOUS cleaning. A man must have lived there before me because those burners are deeeeee-sgusting. I also managed to find a few pairs of shorts in my size and a few pieces of cookware that I need. Total cost: $11.00. She also had a lamp that I want, but it wouldn't fit in the bike's basket along with the other stuff. But I'll go get it on Monday after work, assuming that it will still be there... I'll wear the shade on my head on the ride home. ;)

After the thrift store, I rode back to my place to drop off my loot, because the pieces of cookware had filled up my basket. Then bike and I went to the hardware store, where I acquired a bike lock. Then the library two blocks from the hardware store, where via its zippy-fast Wi-Fi, I posted a story to FF.net that I still need to post to the fic journal and then watched a couple episodes of the first season of The Tudors on the Netflix site.

I like the show, for all that its myriad historical inaccuracies small and great make me twitch like a madwoman in the throes of Parkinson's Disease. I mean, could they not have had the actress who plays Anne Boleyn wear black contact lenses? Her blue eyes plague me! And Henry VIII without red hair takes some getting used to. Sam Neill as Woolsey is awesomeness, though; I love that man, in anything that he does. He's like Alan Rickman that way. Jeremy Northam as Thomas More is perfect, too, with the right amount of understated zeal; I'm mourning him already... *sniff* But even with the inaccuracies it's still fun in a soap opera-y kind of way. I could do without the boobage, though. I'm not a prude at all; they just seem...unnecessary. But then, in my opinion, boobage is usually unnecessary. Not to mention unexciting, as a female of the species, and in this particular case, I hardly think this is a series designed to appeal to men, anyway, soap opera-ish as it is. But whatever...

After the library, bike and I went to the grocery store a few blocks away, where I again filled up its nice deep basket with stuff, including salad fixings for today and some nice locally-made organic cheese. And then we went to Subway, in the same shopping center, to grab a sandwich for a late lunch/early dinner. Productive and relaxing, yes. With no carbon emissions to be seen. ;) And I got some exercise, which I guess is a plus.

I'm much better at riding now, too. The only problem I'm still having is starting, which I'm still clumsy at. But I was sort of remembering how I used to do it yesterday as I was riding, so I think I'll be all set after a few more rides.

This morning, I ventured to the laundromat. It's been a long time since I've used one. I had to walk there, though. It's only a block away, but I don't think I trust myself to ride the bike while carrying a bag of laundry, and the bag was way too big to stuff in the basket. Now I'm at the library again, posting stuff and Internetting. (It's a verb now!)

So, yeah. My "exciting" life. :) Don't you envy me? ;)


Jun. 7th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
You need to come live with me, pumpkin. ;)
Jun. 7th, 2010 11:37 pm (UTC)
Wouldn't do that to anyone I actually liked. ;)
Jun. 7th, 2010 11:38 pm (UTC)
Sweetie, you can't be that bad. No worse than me, anyway.

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