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Birthdays and what-not.

Firstly, hippo birdie to rusty_chevy! And, since I might not be on the Nets on Sunday, happy early birthday to hunterblues and tactile_contact!

...Geez. Too many June birthdays. ;)

Not much else to say. Back still hurts a bit from yesterday but is better than it was, so I guess I'm not going to wake up paralyzed or something. :) I'm takin' a half-day at work today because I need to trek into town to Do Some Stuff. So I'm outta here in...1.5 hours. Woo! :D

This weekend I plan to Write Stuff and dink around redesigning my website into something sleeker and CSS-driven and therefore easier to maintain. So that I might, you know, update the damn thing one of these centuries. Other than that, I plan to be lazy. Yay for lazy. :) Lazy rules.

ETA: I have this nagging, crazy idea to create an in-character journal for the Dinobots. I...have no idea why. I think they're insulted that I haven't played with them lately. And it's probably a bad idea because my interest will fade, and I won't update it and blah-blah. Still, the nagging idea is there. I even have an idea of what it will look like, although I've never created a custom LJ layout. Maybe if I can get the layout to work, that'll be a message from God to do it or something...


Jun. 12th, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
Awwww... thank you m'lady! ^_____^

I agree with Whirlwind... the car is exacting revenge... maybe even conspired with the bike. You know how touchy they can be sometimes.

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