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Thank you SO MUCH, purajo!

NOT! Because of your fic, Nightwind went and Groovesharked Lady Gaga. Nightwind now has Skywarp singing "Papparazzi" in her head. Over and over again. At Jazz. It is not pleasant. I will have you know that you are responsible for making him stop.

OK, OK, I'm only kidding. :) Really, I think her music is a lot of fun, and I'm kind of sorry I resisted looking her up before now. For some reason, I had it in my head that she was a rapper, and I hate rap. But she looks and even sort of sounds like a young Cher, whom I've always liked, but with the attitude of Madonna, of whom I'm a big fan. So...yeah. I'm sure her stuff will/would get repetitive if I listened to it a lot, but it was fun listening while I was drawing/coloring last night. Dancing while drawing is always fun. ;)

Speaking of which! "ART" FART!

WIP: Snarl by ~NightyIcons on deviantART

Yeah, it's a WIP, but I'm pretty proud of the drawing, for all that I see a bunch of tweaks I need to make already. But it'll get there. I'm working on shady/shiny. Eventually, he'll look much like Slag in this pic, but for now he's just lines and flat colors. Yay.

Groovesharkin' to ABBA...

I *heart* Grooveshark. Seriously. I don't really have any interest in downloading and keeping music and stuff, but I like to listen to music while I surf the Internet and do stuff on the computer. Pandora is good, too, but sometimes I just want to listen to a bunch of songs by a single singer/group. Grooveshark lets me do that. So...yeah.

So here I be, multi-tasking. I'm trying to write the "For Science!" story and doing a bit of simming on the side, all while listening to ABBA. Like, 200 ABBA songs, and not just the hits but the non-hits that I loved on the various albums. ("King Kong Song!" Sweet! :) ) I had them all. Did I ever mention that I am a HUGE ABBA fan? ;) (But I hate, hate, HATE that "Mamma Mia" thing. Gack! And I like cheesy musicals! But that one? Annoys me.) But plain old ABBA? I can listen to it for hours on end. Literally.

Of course, the problem is that many of ABBA's songs are "assigned" to pairs of mine. "Waterloo" and "Take a Chance On Me" are totally PJ. "The Name of the Game" and "Voulez-Vous" are the crack pair's. "SOS" and "Chiquitita" and a veritable buttload of others are Starscream/Skyfire. So, I keep getting distracted from what I'm supposed to be writing. I just...don't have any Wheeljack songs. Or any Ratchet songs.

Oh, God. I love "Lay All Your Love on Me." Takes me back to trying to learn how to disco. *laughs hysterically*

Hrrrrr...Need to focus. Focus! OK, back to work.

A wee heads up...

I have posted a fic "snippet" (In quotes because, like most things I write, it ain't necessarily short. :) ) over in nightwritey, my fic journal, that I'm looking for some feed back on. Specifically, it's this post. So, if you're feeling feedbacky, please have at it. It's a Wheeljack and Ratchet story, concerning Dinobot creation. ('Cuz, y'know...Dinobots. *rolls eyes*)

Mostly, I'm putting this here as a heads up because I want jalaperilo to see it, since it's a story we've been talking about, and I don't know if she's watching the fic journal. But anyone else, please feel free to have at it, too.

Also, regarding my previous post, I'm so glad to know that there are other gross people out there! :D I feel a bit less gross now. :)

Well. It must be spring.

Because the two signs are present:

1) The trees are sprouting their leaves. Except, of course, for the aspens, who are the retarded members of the tree community.

2) I have Nair'ed myself. Yes, folks, for most of the year, except for the 8 weeks or so when it is warm enough to wear shorts here, I do not shave my legs. Or any other hair on my body except underarm hair, for that matter. And I only bother with that because I tend to think that deodorant doesn't work as well on hairy pits. If I can be convinced otherwise, I won't bother with that, either.

Pretty gross, huh?

It isn't some feminist statement on my part. It's just laziness, pure and simple. For most of the year, no one sees my legs except me, and I don't care if there is a forest of hair on them. So why spend the energy and time on shaving them? But there does come a time, usually about mid-May around here, when it gets into the 70s in the afternoons and it gets a bit stuffy in the house and I find myself thinking, "Maybe it's time to dig out a pair of shorts." But then I think about that forest on my legs and think, "OK, maybe not." I mean, I don't care that my legs are hairy, but if someone were to drop in for a visit, I think I'd feel uncomfortable. For reasons that I don't really understand, quite honestly. It's culturally ingrained, I guess.

And here's more grossness from me: I hate taking showers. Seriously. I mean, I do it every other day (or more if I get sweaty for some reason) to ward off stench, but more than that I generally cannot do. The reason I hate showers is that I HATE the way my skin feels post-shower. Especially, I hate how clothes feel against my skin post-shower. I can't explain what the sensation feels like, but I hate the feeling. If I could, I'd go about naked until the "ick" post-shower feeling wears off, but since I live with two teenagers who have Y chromosomes, that's probably not the best of all possible ideas. So instead I slather myself from the neck down with lotion to get that nice "dirty" feeling again. (Not that kind of dirty, perverts. ;) ) Seriously. I go through a big bottle of lotion in about two weeks. It's weird, but true. If stinkiness were not a factor, I would never shower. Ever. Totally gross, huh? :) Sometimes I wonder if I'm the developed world's only shower-a-phobe...

However, I do like how my head feels after washing my hair. I only wash it every second or third day because otherwise my hair takes on a dryness/brittleness that rivals that of well-aged straw, but if I go longer than that (as I have done on occasion, especially way back when on extended hiking/camping trips), my head gets itchy, and I hate that. And I'm fairly obsessive about tooth-brushing, which I will do often, whenever I decide that my mouth feels icky. On occasion, that happens perhaps six times a day. So at least I'm not TOTALLY gross. I am probably a germophobe's nightmare, however.

But anyway, now that I've probably grossed you all out and/or bored you to death...I'm off for bed now. But...yay spring! Of course, having said that, it will snow tomorrow. Hey, it snowed in June last year, so it wouldn't surprise me...


Because you know I can't resist the question lists...

200 Freakin' Questions!Collapse )


So here I am. :)

On the health front...Still mending, believe it or not. For about a week, I was pretty much completely deaf. It was an interesting experience, all in all. I got quite good at keeping up with subtitles while still following action/plot while watching DVDs. (It's harder than you might think!) And now...Well, one ear is still not 100%, but it's getting there. The other is pretty much mostly clear. I discovered that running the shower on full-hot water, thus turning the bathroom into a sauna of sorts, and then sitting in there for half an hour or so a day really helped. So if anyone ever finds him/herself in a similar predicament...there you go. :)

But anyway, on to what I really want to talk about: Fanfic. Not actually a rant this time but rather just some musing. So:

Of Fanfics and the Reviewing Thereof and Possibly the Improving ThereofCollapse )

Getting there...

OK, I promise not to whine too much in this entry. :)

I'm feeling a lot better, finally. Voice is still bad because my vocal cords are irritated and swollen, but I think the infections are gone thanks to the antibiotics. I still have like three days of them to take, though. Blurgh.

Only problem is...I can't hear. OK, I can hear a little tiny bit out of my left ear (Which is ironic because, years ago, the eardrum in that ear was ruptured and I've had diminished hearing in it ever since), but otherwise...nothing. I'm typing and I can only very dimly hear the keys.

It doesn't, surprisingly, affect me all that much. I actually sleep a lot better because I can't hear anything. ;) I don't watch TV, so I don't miss that, and if we decide to watch a movie or something, I'll just turn the subtitles on. The only bad thing is that listening to music is a rather pointless endeavor. Frosty and I have taken to communicating either with written messages or over IM even when we're sitting in the same room. It's easier than shouting at me.

Oh, it's only temporary. My Eustachian tubes are swollen in the wake of the infections, and it's distorted the shape of my eardrums so that they don't work right. Hence, lack of hearing. It'll go away eventually with no harm done as the swelling goes down, but it might take a few weeks. But until then...Yeah, pretty deaf over here. I've actually been having fun experimenting on myself, testing to see what I can and can't hear. I popped a balloon yesterday, for instance. Barely heard it. Freaked the cat out, though. ;)

I can still hear the voices in my head, though. Loud and clear. So, I want to do some writing this weekend, definitely.

I hate antibiotics!

TMI! Or, Of Antibiotics and Weak Pelvic Floors.Collapse )


BUT! At least I feel a little more human. One ear is still blocked and completely non-functional and feels all weirdly numb and echo-y and stuff, but the other is clear now. My sinuses are pretty clear, though they are still clogging a bit when the decongestants are wearing off. My eyes aren't goopy now. Is nice to wake up and NOT have my eyelids welded shut with thick, nasty eye goop. The blocked ear is dripping, though, which trickles and tickles down the back of my throat, so I still cough a lot and my voice is...funky. Mostly non-existent, but usually I can get out a sentence or two now before it utterly dies.

Yeah, this is fun. :P Hope y'all are having a better April than I've had. :p

So. Life sucks. :p

Well, OK, not life in general, but... I currently have two ear infections that are making life not-so-pleasant. For one thing, I cannot hear out of pretty much both ears, although one is a little better than the other. What I can hear...echoes weirdly. It doesn't really hurt, but there is a lot of pressure, especially in my right ear. There is constant drip from them that is making my throat sore and that makes me cough. I have a constant low-grade fever that saps all of my energy. My eyes are all teary and goopy because they can't drain properly, either. Oh, and I can't talk, either, from the throat irritation. So, yeah. Just all sorts of fun all around. Can't hear, because the ears are bunged up. Can't talk. Can't see well sometimes because of the teary, goopy eyes. It just...isn't fun. And I'm even too drained to obey the voices and write something and staring at a computer screen to do art seems to make my eyes water more.

Bleagh. :p Here's hoping the antibiotics kick in soon... So yeah, that's me at the moment. :p Pretty darn miserable. :p

Here's a question for the universe...

Why is that I can think up all of these complex stories and personalities for characters that hardly get any screentime whatsoever (Like, say, Snarl), but when it comes to writing one who gets a buttload of airtime (Like, say, Grimlock)...I got nuthin'. Seriously. I have taken about a squillion stabs at this Grimlock story, and NOTHING good ever comes of it. Just lots and lots of crap. It is VERY strange. And frustrating. And all sorts of other adjectives that speak of annoyance.

Ah well. Back to Wheeljack, then! Grimmy-boy will just have to go on the back burner again, poor little thing. ;) One day, sweetie-pie, you'll get your due. *laughs*

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